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Scullion Strategy Group (SSG) announces a new division, Scullion Select Recruiting (SSR)

At the Scullion Strategy Group (SSG), our clients often suggest new ways to expand our services. The consulting teams we build for each client are carefully selected for their expertise and ability to collaborate with others. Because of our success in selecting the right talent, some of our clients have requested our support in finding direct hires.

Providing a dedicated recruiting service through our new business unit, Scullion Select Recruiting (SSR), is the best way to service our clients and future animal health and life science companies. SSR was developed with the candidate in mind and we invested in technology that makes networking with both SSR and SSG very easy.

SSG has had strong success in building highly effective and talented teams and this knowledge and experience is fueling the new services and future success for SSR.

Scullion Select Recruiting: Where talent meets opportunity.

Visit to lear more.


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