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Exclusive Services

We specialize in commercializing new products in the animal and human health industries. We turn insights into tangible opportunities and foster those opportunities into commercialized realities.  

​Our team is composed of professionals in diverse and complementary areas of expertise.  With an average of 20+ years of experience in the industry, we have developed and/or launched over 25 blockbuster and top tier products in the prescription and OTC channels over our careers. 

We are champions of innovative solutions and understand what it means to be a part of an integrated and collaborative team. We have strong relationships with each other, with our clients and throughout industry.

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Propelligence® is a 4-stage methodology and simulation model to assess a product’s true market potential. Developed in partnership with Trone Research + Consulting, LLC (TRC), the exclusive methodology is changing the way product

concepts are valued in the industry - one of the most critical steps in bringing any new product to market.  Propelligence® has also proved to be very beneficial in defining product profiles by generating invaluable insight around many product details like efficacy duration, dosing regimens, packaging and others.


The methodology incorporates business case scenario planning with insight and quantitative market research to create a deep understanding and actionable insights of a product’s revenue potential. It also defines how the product should be positioned,and what product claims will make it most appealing which often refines the Target Product Profile of the product being developed .


Propelligence® gives company stakeholders an in-depth analysis and projected value so they can make well-informed decisions on their go-to-market and/or clinical development strategies. 

Contacts us to learn more about Propelligence® can work for you.

SSG Knowledge Board


Do you need to get in touch with just a few experts to get started but you're not yet ready to hire a full consulting team?  If so, we can assemble a custom SSG Knowledge Board just for you.  We can assemble a cross-functional and comprehensive team of experts at your choosing for a simple 30 minute call to ask a few burning questions or for a full 2-hour call to assess your regulatory strategy, clinical development strategy, go-to-market strategy and commercial partnering strategy.  We have experts in animal health and human health, so contact us to see how we can best support your needs.

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